Woman Sees ‘Stuffed Animal’ By The Side Of The Road — Then Takes A Closer Look

He was so little, terrified, and shivering.

Genia Goodin observed a basketball abandoned on the court as she hurried to the park to pick up her kid from sports practice. But there was also an unexpected white object adjacent to the ball. Goodin believed it to be a toy that had been abandoned.

Goodin told The Dodo, “It looked like a stuffed animal.”

Goodin couldn’t believe it when she saw the abandoned plush animal was actually a little white dog as she drew closer.


This puppy sitting on the road genuinely resembled a stuffed animal. He was so little, terrified, and chilly, Goodin reported on Instagram.

She continued, “I took him up and didn’t think twice about taking him home.

Here is a video where Goodin chronicles the rescue of the puppy:

Once at home, Goodin uploaded photos of the puppy to FB in an effort to track down the dog’s owners. One user lamented that they had witnessed someone pull over at the park, leave a dog, and then depart. The young dog seems to have been left behind.


The dog received a lot of food and water from Goodin. As per the advice of her physician, she shaved his coat and started medicating him after realizing he had fleas and lice.


The dog soon started to recover. Under his splotchy white coat, his skin became more transparent. And when he regained his physical stamina, Goodin observed a positive change in the puppy’s behavior.

He is doing fantastic, added Goodin. “He’s in a nice mood.”

What the future holds for the puppy and her family is uncertain to Goodin. Despite her want to retain him, she may not be able to do so because her family currently has three dogs. Goodin is grateful that she saw the dog that day and was able to assist him in getting back on his feet.

This puppy won’t ever have to worry about being left alone again because to Goodin’s keen eye.