Woman Taking Out Trash Finds Puppy Waiting For Someone To Notice Him

Recently, the Missouri-based Stray Rescue of St. Louis received a call about a little puppy that had been dumped next to a dumpster open to the public.

The distressed puppy trembled until a Good Samaritan arrived and called for help. Thankfully, they arrived quickly to offer assistance.

They originally gave him the cutest name, though.


According to Natalie Thompson, a representative of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, “Shoestring was found by a nice and caring person who was taking her trash out.” She observed a dog that was shoestring-tied to the fence, which is how he acquired his moniker. She phoned us and waited with him till our team arrived because he was sitting there shivering from nerves.

The adorable dog needed to get out of this predicament and into a decent home. Shoestring had a thorough examination by a veterinarian, a hearty meal, and lots of affection from Thompson and the team.


He is a sweet older puppy that is in terrific health, according to Thompson. “We don’t know why he was tied up and left behind,”

As soon as Shoestring sank into the reassuring arms of the rescue team, the unpleasant aspects of that day were quickly forgotten.

“Once he was certain of his safety, he turned into a complete lovebug!
Thompson remarked. He adores all people and dogs. He enjoys playing and wrestling and is a sweet and caring person.


Shoestring is currently living with a foster family, but once he has been neutered, he will be put up for adoption. To give Shoestring the second opportunity he deserves, the only prerequisite is that potential adopters already have a vivacious, active dog.

He’s doing fantastic, Thompson reported. He was picked up by a caring foster family so that he wouldn’t have to remain in our shelter, which is already overflowing. We are delighted that he is enjoying his life in his foster home and is very appreciative of them because there wasn’t room for him to stay here.

Shoestring will undoubtedly be treasured as a jewel when he finds his forever family.