Woman Wakes Up To Find A Baboon Casually Hanging Out In Her Room

Chichi Makhunga and her friend were on vacation in South Africa and staying at a resort. One morning, they met one of the most famous people in the area.

The truth is that they didn’t have much of a choice.

He’d let himself in.


Makhunga and her friend didn’t wake up that morning because of an alarm or because the sun was shining into their room. Instead, the sound of an unexpected visitor in their room woke them up.

“We were sleeping, and we heard a shuffling sound at first, but we didn’t think much of it,” Makhunga told The Dodo. “Then we heard the sound of broken glass. Then we knew someone had come to see us.”

That unexpected visitor was a big baboon, and it was also very brave. By the time Makhunga opened her eyes, he was eating some of their food casually, as if he didn’t care that he had broken in without permission:

Makhunga and her friend surprised everyone by not getting scared when they saw the baboon.

Makhunga asked him kindly but firmly, “Please go.” He did, as expected.

After staying on the patio for a few more minutes and taking one last look at the people whose snacks he’d stolen, the baboon left, his belly a little fuller for having stopped by. Makhunga won’t soon forget what happened, especially as she and her friend get ready to sleep for the rest of their stay.

Makhunga said, “We didn’t close the sliding door all the way.” “I also think the curtains were open, so I think he could see the food on the counter. Rookie error!”