Woman Walks Into Her Room And Finds A Stranger In Her Bed

Holly Edwards was getting ready for her workweek one recent chilly and rainy morning in England when the peace and quiet of the early hour was abruptly disturbed.

My roommate started freaking out while I was preparing my food for the day in the kitchen, Edwards said to The Dodo.

Her roommate had learned that they weren’t the only two.


It turned out that Edwards’ roommate had accidentally left the back door to their garden open a short while earlier. A wild local was walking by at that moment. Evidently, he thought the open door was a request to enter.

a fox, of course. And he didn’t think twice about making himself at home.

He was content to be out of the rain and the cold when Edwards discovered him curled up on her bed. It was quite a surprise:

@markc0rrigan Foxes in london be getting way too comfortable #fox #london #londonfoxes ♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

The unexpected visitor naturally surprised Edwards, but it didn’t take long for her to also experience wonder.

He was very attractive, I thought. Added Edwards. Normally, I’m very afraid of foxes, but this one was so adorable.

Despite how cute he was, Edwards didn’t want him to feel too at home in her space.


Edwards and her roommate decided it would be better to gently scare the fox away in order to help inculcate a little more caution for humans. The fox then left through the door once more.

The entire event took place in a couple of minutes, but Edwards won’t soon forget it.

“A unique encounter, without a doubt. We had never even seen foxes in this area before, so the entire situation was really weird “She spoke. “If anything, I believe it has made me less afraid of them. Or perhaps the adrenaline is speaking. But boy, was that sweet!”