Woman Writes Heartbreaking Post Telling Dog Owners Not To Do This Near Lakes

A woman warns dog owners not to do this near lakes in a heartbreaking post.

Yunue Moore, her family, and their rescue dog, Clue, went for a stroll in Anderson Lake State Park on Sunday. But the enjoyable Mother’s Day stroll would quickly take a sad turn.

Eight miles of hiking paths, as well as roads for biking and horseback riding, are available in the sizable Washington State Park. The family decided to stray down a path that looked dry and secure. But as they traveled, they realized that the lake occasionally crossed the trail.


Clue, a vivacious Australian Kelpie, pulled on her leash as she wanted to explore.

Moore posted on FB, “We walked along one [path] that had some marshy spots along the lakefront.” Clue splashed around in the marshy places and once even fell in, but I immediately pulled her out.

Moore continued, “She was in the water for maybe one mouthful from when she fell in, and she was in there for less than a minute altogether.”


At the time, the dog’s misadventure appeared innocent enough, but the harm was already done.

What we didn’t realize, however, is that the lake contains an algae known as “blue-green algae” that is extremely harmful to dogs, according to Moore. We were cautioned by a couple who was walking by that previous dogs had perished from exposure to the algae.

Anatoxin-a, a fast-acting neurotoxic found in stagnant bodies of water that can sicken and kill both animals and people, had caused the lake to be closed just three days earlier. Due to poisonous algae, warning signs advised against swimming or fishing, and the boat ramp was roped off. Moore points out that the park is advertised online as being dog-friendly.


Clue’s family hurried her to the automobile, but by the time they got there, the symptoms had already begun. After being in the water for about 30 minutes, Moore said, “She seemed completely well, but then experienced mild tremors right before getting into the car.” I had never heard of this toxin before, and I never want any animal or people to experience what we did.

Clue passed dead at the emergency veterinary clinic two hours later. Moore, who was driving with Clue on her lap, had to go to the ER as well from exposure.

Moore remarked that Clue “was an angel, full of joy and brightness.” When she first met someone, she gave them a hug and the softest kisses.


Moore had recently lost her dearest buddy, but she wasn’t going to let her sorrow keep her from preventing other pet parents from experiencing a same tragic outcome. That evening, she talked out about the encounter on FB. Her post has been shared more than 10,000 times since Sunday.

She concluded her message by saying, “If there’s anything to come from this, I just hope it’s that no one else endures the same sorrow I have today.” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful when allowing your dogs and other animals play in fresh water that is still, and stay away from places with algae! especially now, given that the warm weather is the time of year when algal blooms can begin.