Woman’s Game Of Hide-And-Seek With Dog Doesn’t Go As Planned

Another person discovered her first.

The other day, while unwinding at home, Cloe Terare made the choice to play a silly game of hide-and-seek with her dog, Midas. They both occasionally love playing it together.

Terare anticipated finding her eventually, but she did not anticipate someone else finding her before.


Terare set up a camera and sought a hiding spot under some blankets along a wall while Midas sat in another room. She then invited him inside.

The contest began.

It turned out that Terare’s cat, Lucifer, had unintentionally joined the search for Terare at that very moment. Lucifer located her with a carefree leap onto the blanket underneath him.

It’s obvious that neither he nor Terare anticipated that.

Terare told The Dodo, “I don’t think Lucifer noticed I was hiding. He actually hit my throat with his initial jump before landing on my face. Since I was still covered up, I was SO bewildered.

To his credit, Midas quickly made sure everything was alright. Terare had, after all, been left sobbing.

She cried with glee and claimed it.


The game of hide-and-seek came to an end then, and it was more memorable than others. Midas and Lucifer experienced a minor panic, but it didn’t take long to move on to the next pleasure.

Terare was also unfazed by being unintentionally body-slammed by a cat.

After that, she claimed, “they were bouncing around as normal.” We always have fun together.