Brave 16-year-old girl rescues runaway horse from busy highway

A Maryland youngster is being hailed as a hero after saving an escaped horse from a dangerous highway with her quick thinking. Before competing in an exhibition horse show, the 16-year-old girl saw the fleeing horse. Without hesitation, she rescued the horse and transported it to a secure location. Fortunately, the rescue was captured on camera!

A horse bolted from the De Novo Farms, Anne Arundel County, as Caroline Shoults and Tinkerbell waited for the riding event to begin, running directly into a busy highway. Because she saw that the fugitive horse was in serious danger, the young girl wanted to save him. Julia Young, a 13-year-old spectator, took a picture of the moment on her phone. Jeanette Newland subsequently posted the video to FB, where it quickly became viral.

FB/Caroline Shoults

As Jeanette Newland recounted, “at our first horse show, we were in our barn family when we saw another horse break away from her tether and take off.” When she ran away from him, “a brave 16-year-old getting ready to compete stopped to help try to catch her.”

Caroline and Tinkerbell chased the horse for almost three miles along the roadway. During this time, other vehicles joined the rescue effort. They were following the horses closely in order to keep other drivers at a safe distance from them.

FB/Caroline Shoults

“Finally, after around three kilometers and with everyone fairly fatigued, I was able to move her into the shoulder of the highway and into the grass,” Caroline wrote on FB. “I leapt down and slung the lead rope over her neck, then waited only seconds for everyone to approach us, the horse trailer trailing behind them.

“The only thing that kept me sane was simply communicating with my horse.” According to the amazing adolescent on FOX 5, “I couldn’t exactly say I was terrified.” To put it another way, “I just wasn’t frightened because I was so focused on a positive ending, especially in a scenario like that.”

Fortunately, Ice, the escaped horse, was safely returned to the barns, and no one was injured! Nonetheless, it was a memorable day for everyone involved.

FB/Caroline Shoults

Despite the high volume of traffic, “she kept her calm and helped keep the horse safe until she tired herself out,” Jeanette Newland told the news site. “It was very stressful.” What a great time we spent together! I’m just grateful that everyone involved—horses and humans—are safe.

Watch the video to learn more about this daring rescue!