Dog lost in the wilderness after an off-road accident has emotional reunion with his mom

Footage of a heartbreaking reunion between a woman and her dog is seen in the video. An unfortunate incident caused the owner’s beloved golden-doodle to become lost in the forest, and she had given up hope that she would ever find him again. When she finally gets a glimpse of him, the young lady bursts into tears.

Samantha was on an off-road journey in the Rocky Mountains with her mother and one-year-old puppy, Bentley, when something horrific happened. A rock landed directly in front of the car. Jennifer, Samantha’s mother, became terrified and tried to dodge it, but the automobile went over 500 feet down a cliff. Unfortunately, Jenifer did not survive, Samantha sustained serious injuries, and Bentley became disoriented in the wilderness.

FB/Bring Bentley Home

Samantha never gave up hope, even though no one else believed Bentley to be alive. As a last resort, she even set up a FB profile in the hopes that someone will finally come across the cute dog. Nevertheless, as time went on, the prospects for Bentley’s survival grew increasingly bleak.

“My mother and my dog were my dearest friends,” the woman, who was inconsolable, stated. “We know that he is still out there and afraid.” “We need to bring Bentley back to his family in Kansas.”

FB/Bring Bentley Home

Bentley was miraculously found by a good Samaritan after being missing for 19 days in the Rocky Mountains. A kind man, Joseph Stratmann, took matters into his own hands after spotting Samantha’s FB posts and desperately searching for the missing dog. Finally, the puppy was set to be reunited with his mother thanks to the heroic efforts of the dog’s rescuer. Samantha had gone through a lot in the last few weeks, and the moment was especially difficult for her. She burst into tears as she saw her best friend again.

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Samantha couldn’t believe it when she saw her puppy again after what had happened. Now that Bentley has returned home, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. The college student added, “He’s safe and he’s coming home. I am so happy. He just warms my heart, feels like home again. I am just so grateful to everybody who helped. “

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