Elephant returns shoe dropped by baby in China zoo enclosure

A combo image shows the Elephant returning the shoe dropped by the child in China.

This is not a common occurrence. A child visiting a zoo in China slipped its shoe into an elephant enclosure.

The parents of the infant were confused and unsure of what to do until the senior elephant intervened to save the infant.

The animal retrieved the shoe from the dirt and returned it to the family of the infant.

The zoo is located in China’s Shandong province.

Initially, the elephant encountered difficulties since it found it difficult to take up the footwear due to its size. The elephant then lifted its trunk and returned the shoe to its owner, much to the joy of the onlookers.

According to the Independent, the animal received a handful of grass as a prize for the day from the zoogoer who performed the act.

The video was uploaded to Instagram with the remark, “This elephant was up to his… tusks. The animal returned a child’s sneaker that had fallen into its eastern China zoo enclosure.”

The video has gone viral on the Internet. The video has received more than one million likes on the photo-sharing program.

The appreciation remarks continued to come in. One author noted, “When animals are better at cleaning than humans,” while another remarked, “They’re so intelligent!” One user wrote, “My heart can’t take it,” while another said, “Elephants are so lovely.”

In the meantime, numerous opponents of animal captivity demanded its release. A netizen stated, “As adorable as this is, elephants are intelligent beings that do not belong in cages.”

Another individual stated, “Heartbreaking. Without freedom and yet displaying charity.” One more person said, “He does not deserve to be confined.”