Man Is Moved To Tears During Unforgettable Visit From A Gentle Horse

Joo Spake, the father of Audrie Spake, has been bedridden for some months due to a variety of health complications. Joo’s doctors have been doing everything in their power to help his body heal, but he just had a visitation to assist with the healing of his heart.

The name of this guest is Pacoca.

Pacoca is a therapy horse that collaborates with volunteers from the non-profit Coletivo Incluso, whose purpose is to reach out to those with special needs. And what an impact it may have.

This past week, Spake uploaded a moving video depicting the moment Pacoca paid her father a visit. Pacoca quietly rested on Joo’s breast in a modest interchange of comfort and affection, apparently sensing the type of interaction he needed most.

“He was always this way with my father,” writes Spake. It was stunning!”

Clearly, Joo will not soon forget this visit. And, hopefully, it will become more than just a memory.

Today, an increasing number of medical professions recognize the therapeutic effects of therapy animals on patients’ health and well-being.

The Mayo Clinic says that animal-assisted treatment can considerably improve pain, anxiety, sadness, and exhaustion in persons with a variety of health issues. “Moreover, the benefits are not limited to individuals with health issues. Family and acquaintances who observe animal encounters report feeling better themselves.”

Joo’s daughter seems to concur, since she describes Pacoca’s visit as “an unexplainable time”