Little boy waits patiently on dock every morning for his giant stingray buddy to greet him

It’s a fairly typical occurrence (and mainly heartwarming) for small children to form strong, specific ties with animals. However, those delightful experiences are more likely to occur with puppies or kittens than with wild creatures. As a result, a small child developing a special bond with a massive stingray is not something you see every day.

Additionally, the boy’s strange companion lives in the ocean. However, this does not prevent Joel from interacting with his enormous companion. Indeed, the small child awaits his friend’s arrival on the dock each morning. The small person then offers it some fresh fish in exchange!

The remarkable encounter took place in Gran Rey, a small fishing community in the Canary Islands, Spain. A tranquil setting where individuals can feel a close connection to the natural world. As a result, enormous marine species, including stingrays, are drawn to the steps of the village’s harbor by the bycatch, which is frequently returned to the sea by children fishing nearby.

The sight of a small child handing out food to such a large animal is a pleasure in and of itself. When it comes to the wonderful event captured on camera, it’s fortunate that a tourist happened to be there. The video, as expected, went viral, garnering nearly 60 million views to date.

Watch this video here:

While seeing Joel feed and pet his unusual companion is endearing, it’s important to remember that these are wild animals, and while stingrays are not normally aggressive, one incorrect action might be fatal.