Little kittens survived several days on the street in an embrace

In the US city of Phoenix, there were two tiny kittens living right down the road from where they lived. The animals somehow managed to survive until they were found by a rescue team.

Melinda Blaine, founder of Bottle Baby Fosters, came across these sweet animals only recently. She immediately took the kittens to her house, then started slowly giving them care and food.

It’s an absolute miracle how animals can survive this long without a mother. They tried to be together all of the time. If they were separated, they would cry out in terror.

The male named Buddha and his sister, Bonsai, suffered multiple cuts on their paws. In order to prevent any further growth of a severe infection, Melinda medicated her pets with special medications.

After dinner, the kitties curled up nice and snug. The animals fell into deep sleep for a long time, as they needed to recuperate. Plus, they needed a break from the severe stress.

In just one day, Bonsai managed to gain 15g. Her wound on her left foot was as large as the Buddha’s. But that didn’t stop her from being cheerful. During treatment, Bonsai kept getting surprised by how incredible strong her spirit is.

These funny pets can always purr for no reason. They will always try to be together in any situation.

The kitties have been sorting through the litter box set up together and are starting to explore our world together. Recently, for the first time in their lives, they’ve tried solid food and were instantly hooked.

The rescue team plans on finding a great home for these hilarious kittens. But that is going to be later, and right now they need to get some extra growth out of them.