This Man Rescued These Foxes And Now They Won’t Leave His Side

Fantastic Mr. Fox may have been a work of fiction, but as these photographs clearly demonstrate, this man from County Kilkenny, Ireland is the real deal.

Patsy Gibbons is the man, and his two darling companions are Grainne and Minnie. The gibbons nursed the foxes back to health when they were discovered as abandoned pups, and although the animals made a full recovery and could have returned to the wild, it appears they chose to choose their savior instead! The three of them garner a great deal of attention from local children, so much so that schools have requested Grainne and Minnie to visit so that pupils can meet them in person.

“People from all over the nation and even the United Kingdom are now seeking my assistance on fox care,” Gibbons told The Irish Examiner. “I’m not an expert, and I’m still learning from them on a daily basis, but I’m happy to offer advice as an amateur.”