Dog Is Absolutely Not Impressed With Anyone At Doggy Day Care

On West Street in downtown Raleigh, there is a dog that stands out from the rest.

Typically, the off-leash dog bar/doggy day care is filled with frolicking dogs playing together, but Pogo is not interested.


The four-year-old American bulldog-boxer mix sits on a barstool like a person. Pogo can view and evaluate her fellow dogs from her perch.

And she lacks enthusiasm.


This week, a video showing Pogo in action became viral, and there are numerous hypotheses as to why Pogo refuses to socialize with other dogs. Some believe she is an introvert, while others believe she simply dislikes dogs. Regardless of the reason, the video’s banner states, “This dog is in a foul mood.”

@davidfromnc1 This pup is a whole mood. #yfp #dog #dogs #puppy ♬ original sound – user1908074533168

Grace Wheeler, Pogo’s mother, works at West Street and brings the rescued dog with her every day. She has her own thoughts regarding Pogo’s haughty behavior.

“When she climbs on the chairs, we believe she’s trying to show the other dogs that she believes she’s superior,” Wheeler told The Dodo. “I’ve worked in a few kennels, and she’s always leaped up on human-sized chairs or furniture. She is our little judgmental queen!”


In addition to sitting like a human, Pogo has developed a number of other remarkable human behaviors.

“She enjoys snuggling in the bed like a human and sitting on things (chairs, the bar, benches, and occasionally people),” Wheeler explained. “She enjoys vehicle rides and will stick her elbow out the window like a person” (which seems to be a theme with her). She prefers humans to canines.”


Pogo’s distinctive demeanor gains her a great deal of attention at the dog bar, which she gladly accepts. Wheeler declared, “She has many admirers.” “We put her on West Street’s Instagram, and people are constantly seeking for her.”


Pogo may not be interested in playing with the other dogs, but her mother adores her for being such a unique dog. Wheeler stated, “She has brought nothing but love and happiness to us and everyone she encounters with.”

Pogo will follow her mother everywhere she goes, so long as there is a bar stool to keep her away from the riffraff.

To learn more about Pogo, you can follow her on Instagram and TikTok.