This Mini Cow, Saved From The Auction House, Now Lives With 12 Dogs And Thinks She Is One Of Them

Let us introduce you to Moonpie, a small rescue cow that lives with a pack of 12 dogs and believes she is one of them. A friend of Janice Wolf, the founder of the Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary, noticed her at a livestock auction house. From there, she was transported to a rescue facility. Due to inclement weather and the fact that she was too tiny to go outside with the other cows, Moonpie was forced to stay in Janice’s bedroom, where she finally became friends with her canine companions.

In Janice’s words to The Dodo, “She embraces them as her companions.” When it comes to infants, “they don’t know much about how things are supposed to be, so they just accept them.”

Janice explained, “[The dogs] are like surrogate mothers to her.” They cleaned her face in the manner in which her mother would have done so. That is something they enjoy doing… They were all overjoyed to finally see her.

Moonpie especially likes the deaf bull terrier called Spackle, with whom he is inseparable. “My dogs have a lot of experience with different living things that I save or save in other ways! A calf is just another friend you have to love,” said Wolf Bored Panda.