Woman adopts six special-needs pups, and now they’re living their best lives

An animal rescuer in Vermont named Tracey Fowler has dedicated her life to saving the lives of abandoned dogs.

There are eight dogs in the new pack she started after the death of her beloved German Shepherd, Hayden.

We’re happy to introduce you to The Fowler Herd, a group of special-needs dogs who were previously unable to find a home.

“Hayden passed over the Rainbow Bridge after a struggle against a dog sickness called degenerative myelopathy,” she stated in an interview with Bored Panda.

He was a special-needs dog who, in his final years, became paralyzed as a result of the terrible sickness.

Tracey adds that Hayden’s spirit was not broken, and he continued to play until the day he died.

In memory of Hayden’s spirit of perseverance, Tracey chose to help other pets in need.

At this time, there are eight dogs in my care. The other two [German Shepherds I had before adopting the others] have special needs.

Tracey’s fowler herd not only enjoys Tracey’s love and attention, but they also get along well with one another.

Tracey likes to swap the wheels on each of their chairs for skis when it snows on the farm so they can continue playing outside.

“Adopting a special needs pet may not be for you if you’re terrified of poop and urine. When it comes down to it, if you’re fine with it, it’s no different from if they were walking. “

That’s what our goal is if we are able to teach one owner that there is an alternative to saying goodbye [to their sick pet]. “