Man Adopts Tiny Bear Cub To Save Its Life After It Wandered Into A Village

This community had an unexpected visitor: a starving bear cub who wandered through a village looking for food.

The cub was saved by a farmer from the hamlet, who chose to take it home and raise it.

Nikolay, the farmer, has acquired a very odd pet: a tad too young to live in the wild on his own and too young to be housed in a zoo.

Nikolay’s farm provided the bear cub with a safe haven, as well as food and shelter.

First, Nikolay called the relevant authorities in order to receive some assistance in dealing with this unexpected scenario.

There were only two options: to put the bear cub to sleep or release it into the wild, both of which would end in the bear’s death. Nikolay was not willing to do either of those things.

Despite their best efforts, he and other hunters were unable to locate the mother of the cub throughout their two-day search.

In the end, a village committee gave the bear cub a “passport” and gave her the name Vasilisa so she could legally dwell in the town.

The cage Nikolay is planning for Vasilisa’s future will include an observation area where he can keep an eye on the cub as it grows.