20-Hour-Long Rescue Mission Saves Life Of Stranded Sperm Whale Weighing 10 Tons

A 65-foot sperm whale that washed up on a beach in China was pulled back into the water after a 20-hour rescue attempt.

A big sperm whale became stranded in Ningbo City, south of Shanghai, not too long ago.

It was believed that it would suffer from dehydration if not returned to the water in time.

Even while whales breathe oxygen like terrestrial creatures, they must consume water to prevent overheating.

If their blowhole is covered by high tide, beached whales run the risk of collapsing under their own weight and drowning.

Firefighters deployed a rescue team, who sprayed water on the 20-meter whale’s body and formed a seawater trench pool to keep it alive.

Volunteers helped transport the whale, which weighed approximately 10 tons.

The team hauled the whale to shallow waters after tying it up with guide lines.

At approximately 10:00 p.m., when the tide was at its peak, a tugboat was dispatched to help move the whale further into the ocean.

Wednesday at 5:30 a.m., the rescue crew severed the dragging rope and freed the whale in the open ocean.

Local media documented the authorities’ rescue efforts and the successful release of the animal.

After the spectacular rescue attempt, as daylight broke, the whale could be seen swimming out into the distance.