20 funny pictures showing what giant Newfoundland dogs can be

Newfoundland dog has giant size. Out of all major breeds, the Newfoundlands top the ranking as the 5th most giant breed globally, measuring 27-30 inches tall and weighing up to 150 pounds. Although they are famous for their massive size and large plumage, you will find that they are just gentle giants if you look closely.

As their breed name suggests, they are native to the Canadian island of Newfoundland.

Fishermen in the area need dogs that can assist them on board, and with their innate ability to swim due to partially webbed feet, the Newfoundlands is their best option. Large dogs are kept warm by their fur, strong enough to save an adult man from drowning.

In addition to their strength and skills, Newfoundlands are admired for a variety of reasons. For one, their kind nature adds to their charm. They have a lot to give, that’s for sure! And the photos below show that people have added space to welcome these gentle, fluffy giants into their lives. Check them out below:

# 1 – 16 months apart

# 2 – When the spin is too small for you, but you don’t mind because you’re God B

# 3 – # 1 Got a safety shirt for Sebastian because everyone needs to know he is #notabear

# 4 – 150 Pounds then and he’s still a Lapdog

# 5 – Just a Newfoundland taking his pony for a walk

# 6 – It’s Dalishush

# 7 – I heard it was Tuesday

# 8 – I liked it when my Newfie met a smaller dog

# 9

# 10 – Buford and Wallace are 11 weeks old

# 11 – Tryna Live That Lap Dog Life! Dad Can Smile, But inside he is saying “Please help me, my ribs are being crushed.”

# 12 – • outside the grandmother’s house •

# 13 – Honey at 14 weeks, got a hug with one of her loved ones Cameron… Don’t think he’ll be able to pick her up any longer!

# 14 – Love my new neighborhood

# 15

# 16 – A bit too big for the loop

# 17 – This is beyond head tilt —————————————- – ———- ‘

# 18 – It’s a bear! It’s a mammoth! No, it’s a giant dog!

# 19 – Ollie loves going to tennis and helping out

# 20 – Just shave my Newfoundland. His new hairstyle is so dandy.