Rescue two a.ban.doned dogs calling for help in the sewer and bring them home

We don’t know how many unfortunate creatures are out there calling for help. They desperately need someone to notice and rescue them from the darkness of being homeless and lonely, yet the small voices seem unreachable. They can hardly do anything but miserable struggle to survive day by day.

Two a.ban.doned dogs living in the sewer were lucky to be saved, thanks to the two children who heard their cries and later called Hope For Paws. A door to a new life begins to open for them.

When the rescue team arrived at the scene, the two children were still there with the pups. They climbed down the drain and saw two slovenly dogs sitting side by side. No one knew who would have the heart to dump these beautiful dogs here and how long these dogs have had to stay in such bad condition. They looked a bit scared, but they really needed help, so they let the lifeguard come close to them and claim their reward.

They tied the leash around the dogs’ necks slowly and gently and named them the female Dixie and the male Winn (named in a children’s novel). Then they took the pups out of the drain and started walking to their car. Dogs were over the moon that they knew they were saved and wagged their tails happily along the way.

It was heartwarming to see these lovely dogs being gently cared for and a safe place to stay. Not long after their rescue, Wags And Walks found Dixie and Winn a family forever! From a dirty sewer to a clean and warm home, two adorable dogs don’t leave each other for even a minute. Now they can live a beautiful life with kind owners who will give them eternal care and love. The precious dogs were delighted to see their rescuers again. They certainly didn’t forget the people who helped them when they needed it.

A big thank you to the amazing kids and wonderful lifeguards; you guys did a great job.

You can watch the rescue video here: