Rescuers saved three puppies that lost their mother for many days in the forest

When the Adoption Center received a call about a mother and her puppies in need of help in the woods, they rushed to the scene to check. When they got there, they were heartbroken, not knowing what had happened. Three hungry puppies huddled in a thorn bush. Nearby was the body of the mother dog. She’s been dead for at least two days.

Because of hunger, the pups immediately jumped into the hands of the rescuers and begged for food. After filling their stomachs, they were taken to the center. Rescuers bathed them to remove the dirt on their bodies.

The puppies now have a happy life with wonderful people. We hope they are always happy and find a forever home soon. The poor mother must have had a hard time leaving her children without knowing how they would live independently. But we’re sure she’s happy to see her cubs being well taken care of by this person. Free run now, mother dog.

Thank you for saving the puppies. God bless!!! With the work you do, we are sure you will get the reward you deserve.