The little boy hopes to find a better life for an abandoned puppy in a box outside the school

People abandon their pets for various reasons. Maybe they don’t have the money to take care of them anymore, or they don’t have time to keep them around. Or maybe their children don’t get along well with the pets. Whatever the explanation, there’s really no reason to put an animal on the street.

The story of a puppy left outside of a school in a cardboard box is an unusual one.

Since school hours were over, the school has been closed, but fortunately, the janitor was there to clean up the school. When he opened the door, he spotted a little boy running down the street, and that was when he noticed the puppy.

The janitor had first come to the door after he heard a knock. When he saw the boy running away, he assumed it must be a door knock and run hoax. But then his eyes fell on a cardboard box that was left on the doorstep, and he carried it inside for further investigation.
Type outside the box is a handwritten note that read:

“Sorry, it didn’t have a house, and it’s cold, so we’ll give it to you. Let it find a nice home. ”

From inside the box, a small black puppy was looking up at him. She looks a bit frightened and confused, but on the contrary, she seems fine.

The box contained another folded handwritten letter from the little boy. This is a polite message asking the janitor to find a good home for the puppy. It was clear that the boy cared for her and wanted to make sure she will be loved and cared for.

Thankfully, the janitor knew someone who would be happy to bring the puppy in.

He calls a female teacher known to be a dog lover and explains the situation to her. The teacher agreed to bring the dog to feed temporarily, and she named it Snowflake.

She then contacted a local shelter to see what could be done.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue has space to put Snowflake in. It was easy to nurture the dogs while they were still puppies, and after giving Snowflake all her necessary vaccines, the shelter knew that it wouldn’t be long before she would be adopted.

Meanwhile, the staff attempted to contact the boy leaving the puppy, but sadly, they couldn’t find him. There was no way to let him know that the puppy was now safe.